Fulcron Glass Detergent for Stoves and Fireplaces

Detergent for cleaning the glass of fireplaces, ovens and pellet stoves. Innovative formula with a high concentration of active ingredients, specifically designed to clean soot deposited inside the glass of fireplaces, traditional and pellet stoves. Thanks to its high degreasing power, it also removes build-up on ovens, stoves, grills, barbecues, baking trays, casserole dishes, fryers, hoods. Ready-to-use, easy to use, it forms foam that adheres to the surface. It can be easily rinsed and leaves no residues on the glass. With a pleasant citrus scent.

Fulcron casa Detergente vetri stufe e caminetti

Product informations

2552 - Fulcron casa Detergente vetri stufe e caminetti 500 ml 8002565025520 12 BUY IT

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