FULCRON is the key brand in the world of professional cleaning!


For over 30 years, Fulcron has been appreciated and recognised by experts and professionals in all sectors, especially thanks to the iconic Super Concentrated Degreaser.
Thanks to the continuous research by our R&D departments, we develop each product to ensure professional performance in terms of rapid and efficient action.

FULCRON formulas make each of our products a valuable ally both in professional environments such as workshops, industries and do-it-yourself laboratories, and in the home environment.


Today, Fulcron is a contemporary brand, constantly changing and in step with the times, which has renewed and expanded its range of products, offering the right solution to every type of need. Excellent and surprising performance makes Fulcron products the benchmark in the professional cleaning market.


FULCRON is part of Arexons S.p.A. For almost 100 years Arexons, an Italian company based in Cernusco Sul Naviglio, has been a landmark for maintenance in the world of cars, motorcycles, boats, industry, crafts, DIY and home.

Arexons has always been committed to promoting a sustainability policy for the chemical industry, responsibly adapting to the international sector directives.
Arexons has always been very considerate when it comes to environmental protection, by strictly enforcing applicable national and international regulations, as well as through direct action, aimed at making its business sustainable. The most tangible example is most certainly the important investment made to renovate and modernise the headquarters and production facility in Cernusco sul Naviglio, with the aim of having the lowest possible environmental impact.

Nel 2009, sono stati installati: 1.527 pannelli solari che forniscono alle attività produttive e lavorative di Arexons 350.000 kWh all’anno. Altri 1.200 pannelli coprono il parcheggio aziendale, forniscono ulteriori 280.000 kWh all’anno e permettono ad Arexons di soddisfare il 35% del fabbisogno energetico annuo riducendo di 360 tonnellate/anno l’emissione di CO 2 in atmosfera. Dal 2017, Arexons utilizza il 100% di energia proveniente da fonti rinnovabili certificate.